Clementine.js Beginner Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial is meant for someone with little to no experience with full stack JavaScript. It walks through setting up a simple application from scratch, with detailed explanations along the way to provide a higher level of clarity for beginners. By completing this tutorial, you’ll build out the sample application included when installing Clementine.js.

Clementine.js Angular Tutorial

This tutorial provides instruction on integrating the Angular framework into Clementine.js. Following this guide provides ample explanation of how Angular works and fits into a fullstack JavaScript application. The content within assumes completion or familiarity with the application built in the beginner tutorial. This tutorial produces a working version of the Clementine.js-Angular boilerplate.

Integrate Authentication Using Passport

This tutorial builds on the beginner tutorial above, and was custom made for the Free Code Camp curriculum. It steps through integrating authentication and authorization via Passport into the simple app created in the beginner tutorial. Similar to the previous guide, this tutorial requires only basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By completing this tutorial, you’ll build out the FCC version of Clementine.js.

Deploying Your App to Heroku

This tutorial shows a quick and easy way to deploy your Clementine.js app to Heroku.

Future Tutorials

  • Testing with Mocha
  • Building Clementine.js with React