The elegant and lightweight boilerplate
for full stack JavaScript


Clementine.js is an open-source and lightweight boilerplate for fullstack JavaScript development. The boilerplate errs on the side of transparency and simplicity, making it an ideal starting point for beginner and seasoned developers alike.


Learn more about the origins of Clementine.js, why it was created and the philosophy behind the project.

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Just learning full stack JavaScript? No problem! The Clementine.js tutorials will walk you through creating your first full stack JS apps.

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There are currently three versions of the Clementine.js boilerplate. Each version serves a specific purpose and includes different features and functionality. The table below outlines the versions and the technology included.

Version MongoDB Express AngularJS Node.js Passport Mongoose
Standard Yes Yes No Yes No No
Angular Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Free Code Camp Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes